Differences between 1e and 2e?

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Differences between 1e and 2e? Empty Differences between 1e and 2e?

Post by JobaTett on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:29 am

I know that they are a lot alike, but what is so different about them that they are two different editions(well 7 editions, but you know what I mean)?

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Differences between 1e and 2e? Empty Re: Differences between 1e and 2e?

Post by Prowler of iruz Kraj on Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:55 pm

Second edition doesn't change anything major (not what I would consider major, anyways), but adds a lot to First! Many rules came about as additional rules detailed in the appendices of "GW2 - Famine In Far-go".

I suspect that, in the early 80's it was only called 2nd edition because they re-wrote the rules, not changing much, but adding a lot - therefor warranting a "second" edition.

IMO, 1st ed. reads much better, is organized better, etc., but 2nd ed. seems to read under a 6th grade educational level; ie- its aimed for a much younger gaming crowd than 1st ed. was.

2nd ed. IMO, suffers because a lot of the rules were not included in the rule book, but instead appendiced into the Adventure Booklet. Handy to have if you run the included adventure (a great one, I think - leading the PCs through a nice size area of the Post Apocalyptic ruins of Pennsylvania up to & including some wonderfully designed ruins in Pittz Burk), but if you don't want to run the adventure, you still have to have that booklet handy at the table to use the 6 (or more) charts that you need to run the game. Luckily, those pages were perforated, but unfortunately for me, I hate separating pages from any of my game books, even if you're supposed to! Wink

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