Rules for general board etiquette

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Rules for general board etiquette

Post by JobaTett on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:31 am

[NEW MEMBERS please read this entire thread]

Eight little rules of posting etiquette at Terra Wasteland

1. Courtesy, courtesy, courtesy. This is the bottom line as far as posting on Terra Wasteland. If you can't be polite, you don't belong here.
2. Do not insult, engage in name-calling or demean anyone's intelligence or character. Your tongue-in-cheek jab may be taken seriously. Have a care with your humor and don't make it personal.
3. Do not denigrate anyone's playing style or preferred system.
4. No nudity, pornography or links to such material.
5. Respect others. Everyone is entitled to their own views, convictions and beliefs. Discussion of real-world politics and religion is highly discouraged.
6. Courtesy, courtesy, courtesy!
7. No trolls. Trollish behavior is prohibited and will be acted upon, even if you somehow manage to stay within the forum posting guidelines while doing it. If you find a troll please do not approach it or try to feed it. Tell a moderator and they can handle it.
8. One account per member only please. There is no need for multiple accounts. If you cannot access your account for any reason, then rather than make a new account, contact me and I can sort it out. The same goes for changes of username. If you think a member has multiple accounts then please do not pursue this yourself, contact a moderator who can handle it.

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