[ANY] Mundane Wasteland Encounters

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[ANY] Mundane Wasteland Encounters

Post by JobaTett on Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:39 am

Mundane=Not really a combat encounter, just something that might happen in the wilderness. It's made to be rolled as a 1d100 table.

1) The party comes across an old police car. Inside the car is a skeleton in the drivers seat holding a broken police car communicator. Next to him is a note saying "Remember to pickup donuts for Helen".

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Re: [ANY] Mundane Wasteland Encounters

Post by HawkWolf on Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:11 am

2) The party comes across a statue of a young man standing nude inside a cicle made of stone about 1/3 meter deep. If the party examines the statue closely (within 1 meter), a barely functioning sensor built into the statue activates silently. Within 1d4+1 minutes, the fountain begins "urinating" into the stone circle and/or onto whomever still happens to be within the 1 meter of its facing side at the time. The statue is otherwise inanimate. The stream lasts 1d4+1 minutes, stops and then repeats for one hour before burning out the sensor completely. The GM may choose any liquid he wishes from pure water to sulphuric acid to I20 fatal contact poison, depending on party strength.

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Re: [ANY] Mundane Wasteland Encounters

Post by Dodd4 on Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:50 pm

3) as twilght descends the party hears an erries moaning when they investigate they see a hulking figure looming in the underbrush...
(inseret any medium combat bot you wish.) what the PC's don't know is that the 'bot is dead and gutted, the moaning (and any clanks and rattles that you might wish to toss in,) is comeing from a covey of Doves
that nest INSIDE!

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Re: [ANY] Mundane Wasteland Encounters

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