New Post Apoclyptic RPG: Other Dust

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New Post Apoclyptic RPG: Other Dust

Post by nezach on Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:28 pm

Hey Folks. I'm a Gamma World gamer since 1st edition but I wanted to mention a new PA game I found last month, Other Dust, by Kevin Crawford, the guy who did Stars Without Number. Unlike Gamma World or Mutant Future it has levels like D&D (You start out with 1 hit dice and then get 2 at second level etc), but otherwise it's a solid game that follows in that vein. There's also a skill system that works a lot like classic Traveller. Mutations are handled a bit different in that you may spend 3 points on either mutation rolls which give you a balance of good and bad, or stay human and get to add 4 points to increase their choice of one attribute bonus by two and two more by one (not the attributes themselves). OK, there's a lot more to it than that, but that's the general idea.

The real cool part about the game for me are the Enclave and Ruin generation charts. With a few rolls you can quickly have a basic settlement size, government, tech level and a general reason why the settlement is there. This is really general stuff. If you are looking for a simulation system that will detail how much food and water the village needs and things like that this isn't going to help you. There is also a random tag generation system that provides you with instant ideas for adventure hooks and NPCs and their motivations.

There's also a lot of other GM tools and charts all of which would come in handy for games like Gamma World and/or Mutant Future. There's also a setting included that uses the tools provided to detail enclaves and ruins that can be used to get gaming proper fast or to be cannibalized for parts. Check it out.
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