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Post by Malcadon on Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:30 pm

Here are some wikis you might find useful, or might what to contribute to.

These are about PA RPGs:
Gamma World Wiki
Mutant Future Wiki (note: it has info on Axa, Kamandi, Mighty Samson and Heavy Metal the Movie)

Here are some post-apocalyptic settings:
Thundarr the Barbarian Wiki
Fallout Wiki
Wasteland Wiki
Fallen Earth Wiki
Mad Max Wiki
Terminator Wiki
Planet of the Apes Wiki
Battle Angel Alita Wiki (well, more scorched earth meets cyberpunk, but can be used as PA)
The Future is Wild Wiki (it a cheap CGI cartoon, but as a large list of far-future creatures and some high-tech stuff)
S.T.O.P. vs. S.C.U.M. Wiki (a cheap toy line, but much of the added "fan content" are my doing)

Other Wikis:
Future Wiki (lots of info on futuristic technology)
Superpower Wiki (a great place for finding mutations)
Speculative Evolution Wiki (you can find lot of critters here)
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